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About Sunday School


The Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam was founded in 1905 and currently there are 1,000 Sunday Schools affiliated to the Samajam. Mar Thoma Church Bhilai Sunday School operates under the operational guidelines of the Mar Thoma Sunday School, Delhi Diocese. The mission of the Sunday School is in accordance with the goals of the Mar Thoma Church Sunday School Samajam in Kerala, India. They are to:


  • Lead our youngsters to Christ;
  • Help to build a personal relationship with God;
  • Prepare our children to witness for Christ;
  • Inspire our children in the study of Bible for sustaining Christian Life;
  • Build loyalty to the Mar Thoma Church and develop identification with organization, liturgy and missionary activity;
  • Provide for the future leadership of the Mar Thoma Church.


In Sunday school our children sing and praise God Almighty during the common session, and new songs are also taught at this time. An offertory is collected during the common session to encourage and nurture the spirit of giving in our children.

Our Sunday School is following a new curriculum developed by the Marthoma Sunday School Samajam and published by the Marthoma Sunday School Samajam.

The Sunday School holds an annual Talent Competition to encourage our children to develop their God given talents, and to maintain a healthy competitive spirit among them. Our Sunday School also conducts a Vacation Bible School every summer, which is both fun filled and spiritually beneficial to the young children.

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