Beginning of the New Academic year-Grow in the Divine Wisdom, Medical Aid offertory of the Clergy (1st Sunday after Pentecost)

First Lesson: 1Kgs 3:3-14
Second Leson: 1Cor 1:18-25
Epistle : Eph 1:15-19
Gospel: Luke 2:41-52

Recorded Videos

Holy Qurbana 21/ May /2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 14/ May /2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 14/ May /2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 7/ May /2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 30/ April /2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 23/ April /2023, Celebrant : Rev. Aneesh P. Alex

Holy Qurbana 16/ April /2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Easter: 09/ April /2023. Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Good Friday 07/ April /2023. Rev. George Koshy, Rev Raji Eapen

Maundy Thursday Holy Qurbana 06/ April /2023, Celebrant : Rev. George Koshy

Funeral Service: Late Mr. T.K.Abraham (88Yrs)

Holy Qurbana 02/ April /2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 31/MAR/2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 26/MAR/2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 19/MAR/2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 12/MAR/2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 5/MAR/2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 26/FEB/2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Divine Service 19/FEB/2023

Holy Qurbana 12/FEB/2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 05/FEB/2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 29/JAN/2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 22/JAN/2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 15/JAN/2023, Celebrant :Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 08/JAN/2023, Celebrant :Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 01/JAN/2023, Celebrant :Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana 31/Dec/2022 (Watch Night Service)

Holy Qurbana 25/Dec/2022, Celebrant :Very Rev. Mahesh Thomas Cherian

Christmas Carol Service: 23/Dec/2022

Holy Qurbana 18/Dec/2022

Holy Qurbana 11/Dec/2022

Divine Worship 27/NOV/2022

66th Parish Day Celebration: Mar Thoma Church, Bhilai

Holy Qurbana : 20/Nov/22 Celebrant : Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos Suffragan Metropolitan

Annual Convention 2022

Holy Qurbana : 13/Nov/22 Celebrant : Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 06/Nov/22 Celebrant : Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 23/Oct/22 Celebrant : Rev.Dr.K.A.Abraham

Holy Qurbana : 16/Oct/22 Celebrant: Rev.P.S.Thomas

Holy Qurbana : 9/Oct/22 Celebrant: Rev.Varghese Mathew

Holy Qurbana : 02/Oct/22 Celebrant: Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 25/Sep/22 Celebrant: Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 18/Sep/22 Celebrant: Rev. Raji Eapen

Funeral Service Mr. C. T. Mathew (Joykutty) (86 Yrs)

Holy Qurbana : 11/Sep/22 Celebrant: Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 04/Sep/22 Celebrant: Rev. Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 28/August/22 Celebrant: Rev. Reji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 21/August/22 Clebrant: Rev. Saju John

Holy Qurbana : 14/August/22 Celebrant: Rev.Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 07/August/22 Celebrant: Rev.Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 31/July/22 Celebrant: Rev.Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 24/July/22 Rev.Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 17/July/22 Rev.Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 10/June/22 Rev.Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 03/June/22 Rev.Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 26/June/22 Rev.Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 19/June/22 Rev.Raji Eapen

Holy Qurbana : 12/June/22

Holy Qurbana : “The Feast of Pentecost”

Holy Qurbana : “The Church that has to be on Watch”

Holy Qurbana Lord worthy of Praise

Holy Matrimony: Nitin Weds Jeffi 12/May/2022

Holy Qurbana St. John the Apostle’s Day

Devin Worship 01/May/2022

New Sunday – “Jesus: Lord and God”,

Easter: Celebration of Resurrection

Hasha – Passion Week: Good Friday 15/April/2022

Hasha – Passion Week: Maundy Thursday 14/April/2022

Hasha – Passion Week: 13/April-Wednesday

Hasha – Passion Week: 12/April-Monday

Hasha – Passion Week: 11/April-Monday

Holy Qurbana 10/APR/22

Holy Qurbana 10/APR/22

Holy Qurbana 03/APR

Holy Qurbana 27/MAR

Holy Qurbana 20/MAR

Holy Qurbana 13/MAR

Holy Qurbana 6/MAR

Holy Qurbana 27/FEB

Devine Services-20-Feb

Devine Services-20-Feb

Worship Service 13/FEB/22022

Worship Service 06/FEB/22022

Worship Service 30/Jan/2022

Worship Service 23/Jan/2022

Worship Service 16/Jan/2022

Worship Service 09/Jan/2022

Worship Service 02/Jan/2022

Watch- Night Service 31/Dec/2021

Worship Service 26/Dec/2021

Christmas Day Service

Christmas Carol 2021

Holy Qurbana Sunday,19/Dec

Holy Qurbana Sunday,12/Dec

Holy Qurbana Sunday,5/Dec

Parish Day 2021

Annual Convention 2021, Day 3

Annual Convention 2021, Day 2

Annual Convention 2021, Day 1

Holy Qurbana 14/Nov/21

Holy Qurbana 7/Nov/21

Holy Qurbana 31/Oct/21

Holy Qurbana 24/Oct/21

Holy Matrimony

Holy Qurbana 17/Oct/21

Holy Qurbana 10/Oct/21

Holy Qurbana 3/Oct/21

Holy Qurbana 26/Sept/21

Holy Qurbana 19/Sept/21

Holy Qurbana 12/Sept/21

Holy Qurbana 05/Sept/21

Holy Qurbana 29/Aug/21

Sumit Weds Jennifer

Holy Qurbana 22/Aug/21

Holy Qurbana

Holy Qurbana 08/Aug/21

Holy Qurbana 01/Aug/21

Holy Qurbana, Sunday 25July 2021

Funeral Service : Mrs. Ammukutty Chacko


Holy Qurbana, Sunday 18July 2021

Holy Qurbana Sunday 11/July/21

Holy Qurbana 04/July/2021

Holy Qurbana Sunday27June/2021

Holy Qurbana 20 June 21

Worship Service 13/June/21

Funeral Service : Adv. KOSHY PHILIP

Sunday 06June 2021

Sunday Worship: Holy Qurbana

Holy Qurbana 23/MAY

Worship Services-16 May

Worship Services-16 May

09/May Sunday Worship Service

Funeral Service : C K Issac


02/May Sunday Worship Service

Worship Service 25-April


Worship Service 18-April

Funeral Service

Easter Sunday

Good Friday

Maundy Thursday

Sandhya Namaskaram

Sandhya Namaskaram

Sandhya Namaskaram

Holy Qurbana 28-march

Holy Qurbana 26-march

Worship Service 7/Mar/2021

Worship Service 28/Feb/2021

Worship Service 21/Feb/2021

Worship Service 14/Feb/2021

Funeral Service

Worship Service 7/Feb/2021

Holy Matrimony

Mar Thoma Qurbana Hindi

Worship Service 24/Jan/2021

Worship Service 17/Jan/2021

Worship Service 10/Jan/2021

Worship Service 03/Jan/2021

New Year Service 2021

Watch Night Service

Holy Qurbana 27/Dec

Worship Service 25-Dec-2020

Worship Services 24/Dec/2020

Christmas Carol 23 December


Online Prayer Meeting: Rev. George Varghese

Holy Matrimony: Anish Weds Reshma

Worship Service: 13/Dec

Worship Service: 6/Dec

Christmas CAROL SONG 2020 - Episcopal Churches Fellowship- By Achens, Kochammas, and Sisters- Bhilai

Parish Day 29 nov

Bhilai Mar Thoma Annual Convention 2020 Day-3

Mar Thoma Church - Bhilai Annual Convention 2020

Bhilai Mar Thoma Annual Convention 2020

Worship Service 22 NOV

Worship Service 15 NOV

Sunday Worship Service 08/NOV/2020

Worship Service Sunday School Day Youtube

Condolence Meeting H G Dr. Rt Rev. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan

Youth Sunday

Sunday Worship Services04Oct

Worship Service27 Sep 2020

Sunday Worship Services Sep20

Worship Service 13 Sep

Worship Services Sep/06/2020

BMTC Matribhoj

Bhilai MTC Prayer Meeting 02/Sep/2020. Subscribe to YouTube Channel MTC-Bhilai

Worship Service 30 Aug

Worship Service 23-Aug

Worship Service 16-Aug

Worship Service 09/Aug

Worship Service on 02/Aug/2020

Worship Service 26/july/2020

Worship Service 19/july/2020

Installation of Suffragan Metropolitan LIVE!!!- 9AM on 12.07.2020 from Poolatheen

Worship Service 05July

Worship Service28June 2020

Worship Service21 June

Worship Service 14 June 2020 YouTube Link:

Worship Service 07 June 2020

Worship Service 31/may/2020 YouTube:

Worship Service 24/May/20 YouTube Link:

Funeral service Mr. V.T Chacko (Joy) 84 years. YouTube Link:

Funeral service Mr Samuel Thomas(Rajan) 77years

Worship Service 17 May 20

Worship Service 10/May/20

Worship Service 03 May 20

Worship Service 26 April 20

Easter Services 12/April/2020

Worship Service 10/April/2020

Worship Service 09/April/2020

Worship Service 05/April/2020